Tough week for stocks…

Earnings reporting season is in high gear and the markets are not liking what they are seeing. For the week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (chart) fell 1.77%, the Nasdaq (chart) -0.59%, the S&P 500 (chart) -1.99% and the small-cap Russell 2000 index (chart) declined 2.89%.

For the most part, corporateĀ America continues to show a slowdown in their businesses and companies are also providing tepid outlooks in the near term citing the uncertainty of the pending fiscal cliff, and the expiration of the Bush era tax cuts. Even tech-titan Apple (NasdaqGS: AAPL) guided with an outlook that caught the street off guard. Despite the disappointing earnings reporting season so far, the key indices have managed to remain above their respective 200-day moving averages. The 200-day is one of the most closely watched key technical support indicator that market technicians and institutional investors respect.

Next week, Q3 results will continue to pour in so I expect that the 200-day will once again be tested. If this is the case, and this key technical level can hold, we just may make a run into the end of the year? Good luck to all.

Have a great weekend šŸ™‚


Weak earnings spook stocks…

Although Halloween is not quite here yet, the markets got spooked on Friday with weaker than expected corporate profits being reported. High profile companies suchĀ International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM), Google (NasdaqGS: GOOG), Microsoft (NasdaqGS: MSFT) and McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) all disappointed investors, just to name a few.Ā  On Friday the Dow Jones Industrial Average (chart) closed down 205.43 points, the Nasdaq (chart) -67.25, the S&P 500 (chart) -24.15 and the Russell 2000 (chart) lost 16.12 points.

The street should not be too surprised with the softer earnings numbers that are coming in, for most analysts have been lowering their estimates for some time now. This upcoming week over 700 companies will report their Q3 results with all eyes on Apple Computer (NasdaqGS: AAPL). Apple is schedule to issue their earnings results on Thursday. Let’s see how this week plays out before we draw any definitive conclusions as to where these markets may be headed. Have a great week and good luck to all.


Chalk one up for the bears…

Stocks notched their worst performing week since the beginning of the summer. For the week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (chart) closed down 2.07%, the Nasdaq (chart) -2.94%, the S&P 500 (chart) -2.21% and the small-cap Russell 2000 (chart) closed out the week down 2.35%.

This upcoming week promises to be a doozy with Q3 earnings reporting season kicking into high gear. The following is a list of some of the high profile companies that are scheduled to report; Citigroup (NYSE: C), Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) Coca-Cola ( NYSE: KO), International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM) , Intel (NasdaqGS: INTC), CSX Corp. (NYSE: CSX), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), US Bancorp (NYSE: USB), American Express (NYSE: AXP) and tech titans Ebay (NasdaqGS: EBAY) and Google (NasdaqGS: GOOG).

With last week’s market performance and lack thereof, the question I am now pondering is whether or not this earnings reporting season will be the catalyst to take the markets down further? Even with last week’s 2% pullback, the bellwether indexes are still up double digits on the year. There indeed could still be more room to the downside, however, I would expect that key technical levels would support any meaningful pullback. Let’s take a look at the S&P 500 (chart). The first level of support appears to be in the 1400 zone and then the 1370 area which happens to be the 200-day moving day average for the S&P. By no means am I suggesting that these levels will be reached, all I am saying is if Q3 earnings reporting season comes in weaker than expected, we could see a continuation of last week’s pullback.

Good luck to all.

Have a great week šŸ™‚

~GeorgeĀ Ā 


A positive week for stocks, next up Q3 earnings…

The market posted its first weekly gain in almost a month, this right before earnings reporting season begins. For the week the Dow Jones Industrial Average (chart) finished up 1.29%, the NasdaqĀ (chart)Ā +0.64%, the S&P 500 (chart) +1.41%, and the small-cap Russell 2000 (chart) closed the week up 0.65%.

Third quarter earnings reporting season will be the highlight next week with earnings reports coming out of Alcoa (NYSE: AA) Yum Brands (NYSE: YUM) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM), just to name a few. Most analysts have ratcheted down their earnings forecasts due to the tepid pace of global growth and the number of companies that have pre-announced to the downside. The big question now is, are these adjustments already priced into equities and indexes? My feelings are that if there are any big surprises to the downside and stocks sell-off, that fund managers and institutional buyers are sitting on the sidelines ready to act. We cannot forget the position of the Fed which essentially gives this class of investors the green light to deploy capital into the markets. Of course there are no guarantees that this will be the mandate, however, odds are that any significant sell-off due to earnings reporting season would be met with support. Good luck to all.

Have a great weekend šŸ™‚

~GeorgeĀ Ā 

Is this a sign of things to come?

Stocks flew out of the gate yesterday thanks in part to a stronger than expected ISM manufacturing report. After the report was released, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (chart) was up over 150 points, then pared its gains closing the day up only 70. This morning stocks are mainly lower trading in a narrow range. So now that we are in October and in the final quarter of the trading year, will volatility finally kick in? After two months of tepid volatility and rare August and September market gains, we may just be in store for what most market pundits have been calling for all summer long.

Once again all eyes will be on this Friday’s jobs report to see if there is any sign of meaningful hiring in the private sector. I am not sure how the market will react if hiring remains weak because this might just spur the Federal Reserve to expedite its highly touted stimulus programs. Should that be the case, once again equities most likely will continue to benefit. The challenge I think most traders and investors have is with such a weak economy and corporate profits declining, how can one feel comfortable being long this market? The answer is seemingly a broken record, so long as we have the Fed as our backstop, volatility should create certain buying opportunities. Make sure to always consult a professional financial advisor before implementing any investment strategy. Good luck to all.

~George Ā šŸ™‚