About Us

Welcome to Ninth Inning Investments

the bull and bear with george mahfouz jrNinth Inning Investments is a family owned and operated boutique private investment and consulting company specializing in early stage businesses, seed level investment opportunities, select commodities and undervalued equities. Managed by lifetime entrepreneur George Mahfouz, Ninth Inning concentrates on risk management while pursuing emerging growth targets.

Our philosophy is simple – Invest in momentous technological or demographic trends with a preference towards the healthcare, technology, consumer and energy industries. Each company must have a clear defensible technological advantage that addresses a significant market and is supported by a superior management team.

Other Key Criteria

  • Capital Structure – a relatively low amount of shares with a loyal shareholder base.
  • Finance – Company must be well financed or ensure that a sound plan is in place to capitalize the company.
  • Proprietary Advantage – Products or technologies that are patented, unique products or services that differentiate themselves from competitors.
  • Revenue – Company must have revenue and or significant revenue potential.
  • Market Size – Company must address a real market for its products or services that are substantial in growth and sustainability.
  • Exposure – Company must have an ongoing public relations and social media initiative to ensure a large and receptive business and consumer audience to the company.


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