The September rally continues…

The markets are continuing their upward trend albeit on relatively light volumes. Still a very positive sign for the bulls, but can it last? Well now Washington is talking about tax cuts for small businesses, why now? Could it be that the mid-term elections are right around the corner? Is there some sort of correlation with the most recent market strength and the upcoming mid-terms? You better believe it! In my humble opinion the markets are setting up for a Republican landslide in both the House and Senate. No matter what side of the aisle you are on it is rudimentary that you do not raise taxes when you are trying to ignite an economy. That said, whomever gets in don’t raise taxes, period! Give American businesses the proper incentives and confidence to grow their companies again so they can start hiring in a meaningful way.Washington also needs to give entrepreneurs the confidence to move their enterprises forward without the threat of higher taxes and mixed messages about business policies for this ilk can also create jobs.

I am hopeful that policy makers will ultimately get it right. One thing is for sure the American public will be crying out at the polls in less than 60 days.

Have a great weekend.