Great start to September…

In just the first 3 trading days of September the market has almost recovered all of its losses from August. As mentioned in my previous posts, we should continue to anticipate this kind of volatility. My expectations are that this type of market action should occur in an upward bias. Friday’s release of the August jobs report helped fuel this week’s rally by indicating that the private sector added 67,000 jobs which was 23,000 more than economists had forecasted. To see any kind of expansion in private payrolls provides hope that this economy is finding its footing. However, we are going to need to see multiple months of businesses hiring for this perma-bull to become excited about the economic recovery.

As Americans observing this Labor Day weekend, we must implore the leaders of this country to move aside their differences and political agendas. This is critical in order to put into place a real economic expansion plan to help our beloved nation and nations around the world grow again in a meaningful and consistent way.

Happy Labor Day 🙂