Stocks soar, the Fed pulls out all the stops!

I know we keep talking about the Federal Reserve, but on Thursday Ben Bernanke announced the mother of all stimulus programs. The new stimulus package includes $4o billion a month to be injected into the economy  and a promise that it won’t stop until the unemployment picture dramatically turns around. Never before has a central bank made such a large extended commitment and then tie it to the jobs market.

On the heels of this announcement, stocks soared with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (chart) finishing the week up 2.15% and is now up year to date 11.26%. The Nasdaq (chart) closed the week up 1.52% and year to date is up a staggering 22.22%. The S&P 500 (chart) on the week marched 1.94% higher and so far this year is up 16.55%,  and last but not least, the Russell 2000 (chart) small-cap index closed up 2.66% and is tracking a year to date gain of 16.71%

Yes I triple confirmed the above statistics and there are no typos. Now the multi-million dollar question is  “is this bull market out of breath?” It’s only natural to think that this tape is overdone and is well overdue due for a healthy 5% or even 10% pullback? This may especially ring true with the most recent middle east tensions, the upcoming third quarter earnings reporting season and of course the U.S. presidential elections all on the horizon. That said, with the Federal Reserves unprecedented commitment to truly do whatever it takes to get this economy and now the unemployment picture completely turned around, I would think that any pullbacks would provide excellent entry points. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to always consult with a professional investment advisor.

Have a great weekend 🙂