Wild ride in the markets this week.

Unnerving as the markets were this week the Dow held 11,000 even though Goldman Sachs is being attacked from multiple agencies now and the Greek crisis is seemingly picking up steam. Good news for Goldman is that Warren Buffett of famed Berkshire Hathaway today declared his support for the company and said he has no plans to sell his stake in the bank. Makes you wonder what the real motives of these attacks are? For the most part small caps held their own as well. Trying to figure out the strength of the market is a daunting task however as the saying goes “don’t fight the tape” or will the perennial “sell in May and go away” theory apply? As long as we continue to have a low interest rate environment coupled with strong earnings, the bulls may stay in charge for a while.  Lets see what kind of investing opportunities come up in May. Good luck to all.