Pow!! S&P, Dow and Nasdaq up 5%+ for the week

So now we will see if the upcoming 2nd quarter corporate earnings reports can carry this impressive 4 day rally forward. Certainly these markets are not for the faint of heart. With the markets falling over 10% in the 2nd quarter and experiencing wild weekly swings in the same period, and now going up over 5% in 4 trading days this past week, market action like this requires a strong stomach. That said, this type of action is a day traders dream and that ilk must be having a field day.

I have been hoping for stability in the markets which I do not think we are going to see for a while. Especially with reporting season here and the upcoming fall vote. One just has to hope that this upward movement becomes a long lasting trend in this very volatile market and hopefully this was the week that every one refers to as the starting point.

Have a great weekend.