For the 2nd quarter the Dow loses 10.4%, Nasdaq -12% and the S&P off 11.9% Ouch!!

Now what the heck was that all about? Well you can start with the fact that the markets have moved approximately +60% since the bottom was put in in March of 2009, or you can blame it on the European crises, or you can blame it on the incessant high unemployment or you can blame it on Washington’s economic policies or etc.etc.

Point being there are a lot of reasons and excuses for what is going on in the markets and the economy. But from my perspective, until there is sustainable job growth in this country and abroad all markets will remain volatile, vulnerable and subject to the day to day, week to week and month to month political and economic headlines. This is a very complicated economic and market enviroment that we are in and it demands patience and prudence as it pertains to any investing decisions.

Earnings reporting season is upon us so this will certainly give us clarity as to the health and growth of sectors and companies.

All the best.