Can the headlines be any more gloomier?

Okay we get it, the economy and job markets are upside down right now but do you have to constantly drill it into our heads? Is it just me or is this overkill? “Housing plummets, debts are at all time highs, Dow Industrials fall to 7-week low, Europe is crashing, Sovereign wealth funds  in trouble etc.” Look at these headlines, could you please give us a break? Does anyone ever talk about how there are 145 million people employed in this country? Does anyone ever talk about how consumer debt levels are dropping at record rates? Does anyone ever talk about how lucky we are to continue to have our freedom and liberties? Historically when it’s this negative and noisy out there we are either in an election year or we are bottoming, just maybe it’s both this time.

People do yourselves a favor and don’t get caught up in the constant doom and gloom that is being fed to us and let’s count our blessings for what we do have.

Humbly yours,